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Closing Wheel Brackets for your John Deere,Kinze, Case-IH & White Planters. The wrong setup can negate all the proper placement and depth you have achieved. is a conversion kit to adapt to Kinze Brush-Type Seed Meter to fit a John Deere 7200, 7300 and 1700 Series Finger Pick-Up Seed Box. to meet seeding conditions. more NH30009 - Dual Tube Knife Single 1/2" O.D. x 23-in. The Big Country RZM System (Root Zone Manager) is designed to increase bushels in all soil types by creating an adjustable 6 to 8 wide box of worked soil. Distributing, these proven seed plates allow growers with John Deere, Precision Planting, and Kinze vacuum meters the flexibility to accurately plant cover crops and small grains. When ordering, specify OPEN END or DRILLED primary fertilizer knives. Martin-Till Planting Attachments include: Floating Row Cleaners, Fixed Row Cleaners, Fertilizer Opener, Spading Closing Wheels & Drag Chains. | Standard Terms & Conditions, Directional Coulter Blades 20 Wave & 12 Wave, Sweeps Bolt On to Fit Cotton (Joyce or Bedding), No Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 1/2" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#CO502000 with 1/2" Tube), Fertilizer Knife (KFR200XX30), Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#A50UVX104X), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800CX36), No Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#AT501000), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800XX35), No Chrome Toe, Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wako#KKNWW50T), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800XS33), Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#CO50104X), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800CX32), Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Tube (Replaces Wiese#A50MM104X), Fertilizer Knife (KFM800CX11), Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Tube (Replaces Wiese#A50SS104X), Fertilizer Knife (KFL800CX20), Chrome Toe, Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#A50UVX114X), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800CS34), Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#A50H104X), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800CX31), No Chrome Toe, No Sealer, 3/8" Stainless Steel Tube (Replaces Wiese#CO501000), Fertilizer Knife (KFR800XX30). All types of fertilizer tubes and knives configurations, including dry fertilizer, are now available. Available with CAD-tip rear fertilizer knife for liquid or dry fertilizer or spring-loaded injection Uses a 17" ripple or 25 multi-wave blade Mounting kits available for toolbars V-crown ripper Fall point, Blu-Jet Sub-Tiller II with 1-1/2 shank. Conservation Disc Ripper Points. Prices are subject to change without notice from what's listed. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. e-Flow is a special blend of talc and graphite improves seed loading and seed release and that improves seed spacing. Oliver/White: 588 & 589 series (deep till), CP-90 Knives With Pin on Chrome Insert & Optional 14 Wings, DT3 Hardfaced Cultivator Fertilizer Knife, DT4 Hardfaced Cultivator Fertilizer Knife, CP65 Hardfaced Chisel Plow Fertilizer Knife, CP70 Chrome Insert Chisel Plow Fertilizer, Replace 3/8 OD standard pipe with 1/2 OD standard pipe, Replace 3/8 OD standard pipe with 3/* OD Stainless Steel pipe, Replace 3/8 OD standard pipe with 1/2 OD Stainless Steel pipe. We even have a beast of a knife that holds up in rocky conditions. This prevents the moist soil from freezing up and building up on the knife keeping it narrow to reduce the disturbance with minimal gassing off. Wearparts seed disc openers, with Forges De Niaux blades and PEER bearings, feature improved life with sharp cutting-edge retention due to high hardness. Efficient, effective placement of fertilizer is achieved with the 2995 Parallel Linkage Coulter. Keeton Seed Firmers gently press every seed into the bottom of the trench to place it firmly into the soil, to improve seed-to-soil contact. INTERCHANGE: Replaces Wiese#AT501000. It is the BCW frame that is the foundation that WAKO stakes its reputation on. Kile Machine & Mfg. 1/2 SINGLE SHOOT SEED OPENER. Wako, your Ag Supplier and home of the Big Country Line of Equipment is your choice for toolbars, chisels, cultivator and fallow sweeps, tillage and fertilizer equipment, parts and repairs. We offer combine harvesting aids for down and lodged sorghum and sunflowers and a line of made-in-America portable-belted ShieldAg grain . With feedback from the field and innovation in our designs, our fertilizer knives are products of rigorous testing and tenacious engineering. Rebounder seed deflectors funnel all seeds to the center ofthe seed trench. Chrome Carbide Points scour quickly to a high polish, slipping through the soil and pulling easier than "throwaway" knives - you'll save more fertilizer with the unique self-sealing design, Long-lasting Alloy replaceable points outwearthrowaway? Extra hard surfacing on critical wear areas. Call us for a quote on your special application! 1-800-299-4300 or 580-234-3434 or wako@wakollc.com. - Chemical Pump Service . chisel knives 35 times, Continues to perform like new throughout its life, Convert from fertilizer placement to standard chisel in just a few minutes by replacing the APL708041 fertilizer point with the APL705141 chisel plow point. Nichols Winged Fertilizer Knives are the premium selection for unsurpassed performance. Back to Placement Options Nichols N-40TP Knives 16" Fertilizer Knives, Chromium Carbide Point & Tube Protector N40TP4 - $67.98 Knife w/ one 1/4" Sch 40 Pipe to fit 1/2" tube. With feedback from the field and innovation in our designs, our fertilizer knives are products of rigorous testing and tenacious engineering. Fertilizer is injected to each side taking advantage of subsoil shattering action from the wings. Our customers span the globe and theyve got needs as varied as the crops they grow. Acra-Plant products include: Notched Disc Openers, V-Slice Inserts and V-Shots, Fertilizer Knives, Quick Change Fertilizer Knives and Blu-Jet Parts. K 311 Complete Chisel Face On Fertilizer Knife-four bolt mounting included, base and knife are made with high tensile steel for strength and extended wear.Cast chrome ShieldAg manufactures over 450 different NH3, liquid, dry and combination fertilizer knives ask your TM details! Call us for a quote on your special application! The WAKO Big Country Wagon (BCW) is the most efficient, the most diversified farm implement manufactured today. The Rebounder is a simple-yet-effective planting attachment that improves the accuracy anduniformity of in-furrow seedplacement by funneling all seeds to the center of the seed V. This eliminates seed bounce, resulting in seeds being flipped on top of the soil. K 5017-SLD-L and K5017-SLD-R: Trash Shields for Kile Blades shown above. Distributing,for accurate closing wheel anglefor optimum closing. tube (rear). . The exclusive 5/8-in. tube (front), 3/4" O.D. M5HF8, Stock Code: Manufactured by S.I. Residue Wheels - Check bearings in residue wheels and make sure the height adjustment is free to move. A primary mole knife (or coulters) for tilling the strip . Rosalia, WA 99170, Kile Fertilizer Knives & John Deere Weld On Cast Chrome Point Caps & Edges, US Patent #9,854,733 B1, #10,051,778 B2, & US & Canadian Patents Pending, Replacement Knife/Scraper for Case IH 500T Drill. | Sitemap Both units are mounted on a heavy duty double 4x4 fertilizer toolbar and include a hitch for pulling a Hi-Rise trailer. Precision Planting's CleanSweep Row-Cleaner Air Control System - is a dual air cylinder that lets you set and adjust your row cleaners down pressure from the cab. Grain drill parts. point (K108) with carbide tip. 686-KNH-5010 / 686-KNH-5010P. M1TP8, Stock Code: Independent opener force can be set between 100-800 pounds with a trip clearance of 12-in. 3/8" O.D. Cultivator sweep and spoon wear points. Convert your chisel plow to an efficient fertilizer applicator! At Wako, we believe in Innovation. Dozens of other chisel plow styles are available! These include wheat, oats, cereal rye, turnips, radishes, crimson clover and more. - Trailer Service SHREW knives are min-till 3/8 x 2 knives made to give a little fracture and lift for good sealing without a lot of surface disturbance. Shin guard, Blu-Jet Sub-Tiller II with 1-1/2 shank. Design. We provide long wearing knives to distributors and end users all over the US and other countries. Heaviest chrome carbide wear point in the industry! . Successful Innovations for Agriculture Since 1979. Population Monitor for Planters and Grain Drills. more NH30008 - Dual Tube Knife Self sealing. We have a complete line of replacement-point knives to reduce downtime. The berming blades are mounted close to the tillage shank so they can capture . 600-ASY-7523. Closing wheels include Finger-Till closing wheels, Martin-Till closing wheels, cast closing wheels and rubber closing wheels. Need to place an order or have questions? The M3 was designed from the ground up to be accurate, user friendly, dependable and affordable. The side fins provide depth control and fine-tune the soil. Bullseye Seed Tubes:Reduce seed tube bounce;Reduce excessive wear;Feature a long life with the tungsten-carbide tip;Feature a smooth path to the trench. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. $32.92. Distributing's Agricultural Equipment Camera Systems, John Deere Drill Improvements - Ninja/Needham/Seed Boots, Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Markers, Hose Tamers, The Sure Stop - Grain Handling Alignment Sensor, - Replacement Reel Finger Tines (Specialty and OEM), Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Markers and Hose Tamers, Parallel Linkage Arms Rebuild Kits - PPS Flange Bushing, Acra-Plant Quick Change Fertilizer Knives. Cast replacement arms, from Norseman, feature the industry-standard 5203KYY2 sealed bearing. Each easily adjustable opener places fertilizer 2-6 inches deep, giving you precise placement so you are feeding the crop, not the weeds. Chisel Plow Points; . Now distributed through S.I. Fertilizer application gear. S.I. No-till, vertical-till and strip-till. Happy to answer any questions! We also offer beaver tail sealers, dual tubes and customized knives for your need. Copyright 2021 WAKO | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Contact us for sales and info! Martin-Till planter attachments make it possible for you to plant into higher levels of residue and moisture. Martin-Till Manual Bidirectional Control is also available. This double-roller bearing. Fertilizer Type: Non-Freeze NH3. Ripper Points. Shank Size : 3/8" x 2" Weight/ea : Standard Knife With Side Plates (A50H18112) Overview: This 1/2 opener directs seed downward through the holder, placing the seed in a single row onto a firm, unfractured seedbed. Single delivery openers for air drills. Big Country Wagon Vertical Tillage Featuring the NEW SM75 Coulter. Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Markers are a "one-size-fits-all" identification wrap for hydraulic hoses that are 1/4" to 1-1/2". DF-1PM knives are 16 tall with universal mounting hole/slot self-sealing in most applications, When ordering, specify OPEN END or DRILLED primary fertilizer tubes, K-2T knives use upright universal mounting shanks and are 15 tall to fit most standard fertilizer rigs.

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